Terms & Conditions

1) The STC price paid will be as quoted by STC Trade on the day the STC Assignment is received by STC Trade. A minimum of 24 hours’ notice will be given by STC Trade when there is to be a change in STC price.

2) STC Trade will check the STC Assignment and supporting documentation on the day it’s received. STC Assignment will not be accepted unless all details are complete and correctly filled in. It may also be necessary to contact the owner of the solar system who has assigned the right to create STCs to verify details are correct prior to accepting the STC Assignment.

3) Once a STC Assignment is accepted payment by EFT will be made by STC Trade within 2 business days.

4) If for any reason the Clean Energy Regulator deem that the STCs created from a STC Assignment are ineligible to be registered or in a future audit the Clean Energy Regulator deem the solar system does not meet the required standards and disqualifies the original registration of those STCs the entity who received the payment for the unregistered STCs from STC Trade agrees to pay back STC Trade the full amount that was paid for that STC Assignment.