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Got some questions about the STC process we have published some of our frequently asked questions and answers below

Retailers providing a “point of sale discount” for the value of the STCs to a customer who is not registered for GST should not add GST to the discount as showing on the customers invoice.

Payment from STC Trade to the retailer also will not include GST.

Retailers providing a sale to a customer registered for GST and who are providing the quote with a “point of sale discount” for the STC value are required to invoice the customer for the full amount of the cost of the solar system without a discount for STCs. The customer who becomes the owner of the solar system has the right to assign the STCs and therefore the tax invoice to STC Trade including GST for the right to assign STCs must be from the owner of the solar system and not from the retailer.

The payment of this invoice for the right to create STCs from STC Trade can then be made to the retailer instead of the owner if the owner has agreed to take the discount off the cost of the full system as invoiced by the retailer to the owner.

To allow for the difference between the customer quoted STC price and the agent quoted STC price the retailer also needs to send a tax invoice to the agent for the difference between the STC value as agreed with the agent and the STC value as agreed with their customer.

Please contact STC Trade if you require further clarification.

Retailers business name

Retailers ABN

Retailers phone number

List of names of the CEC accredited installers to be used by the retailer. Note the names need to be the same as they have been entered for their CEC Accreditation.

Installers business name if installer is not employed by the retailer

Installers CEC Accreditation number

Installers electrical workers number

Installers address details

Installers phone number

Designer CEC Accreditation details if different person than the CEC installer

Solar PV Documents required to be sent to STC Trade:

  • Signed STC assignment form
  • Copy of panel serial numbers if not able to enter on assignment form directly
  • Copy of the Electrical Safety Certificate or Electrical Completion Notice
  • Photo evidence of the solar install

Solar Hot Water Documents required to be sent to STC Trade:

  • Signed STC assignment form
  • Copy of plumbers Compliance Certificate
  • Photo evidence of tank serial number

Payments are fast and made within 2 business days. Once all the details are received and verified.

Yes we do.

If you want to fix the STC price for installs you have coming up you can secure a price for up to 12 months in advance. You don’t need to lock in all of your STCs, you just need to nominate the number of STCs and for which months you require a STC price to be quoted. For more information and price please contact STC Trade.

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