What is an STC

STC stands for Small-scale Technology Certificate

The STC scheme was developed by the Federal Government with the aim being to encourage more people to install renewable energy systems such as Solar PV and Solar Hot Water.

The STC is also referred to as ‘The Rebate’ or ‘Solar Rebate’.

In reality when it comes to a Solar PV system installation the STC’s are allocated to your installed system.

Once your Solar PV system is installed it will have assigned a certain number of STC’s.

These STC’s have a value which like any commodity can fluctuate in price. STC Trade’s price is updated regularly and can be found on our home page. 

These STC’s can then be traded, owned or sold in a similar way to conventional shares or stocks.

The amount of STC’s varies according to the capacity of your installed Solar PV system, the size and capacity of your chosen system, your location plus some additional criteria.

The number of STC’s that your system is eligible for can be calculated by using a government calculator found here, or by navigating to https://www.rec-registry.gov.au/rec-registry/app/calculators/sgu-stc-calculator

What do I do with the STC's

In most cases the installer of the system will offer their customer a discount on the purchase and installation price and offset this by the sale of the STC’s to an STC trader, such as STC Trade.

STC Trade is a registered and authorised dealer in STC’s and has years of experice trading and dealing with STC’s and offers forward pricing of up to 12 months for unregistered STC’s and with no fees or amount restrictions.

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