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STC Trade

Free Bridge Select online portal for retailers and mobile application for installers, includes solar panel validation (SPV).

Cash paid for unregistered STCs supplied as STC Assignments.

We work closely with retailers and installers of STC eligible solar systems in Australia to ensure correct details are uploaded to enable registration of the STCs.

In simple terms the process works as follows

Step 1 - Job Details

Retailer enters the job details via online portal.

Step 2 - Install

Installer uses mobile application on day of install to:
1) Scan & verify the panel serial numbers.
2) Take required photographs of the install.
3) Get signature from the customer.

Step 3 - Checking

The retailer checks that the details are correct via the online portal and submits to STC trade.

Step 4 - Payment

STC Trade check the STC Assignment and if submitted online with SPV will make payment the next business day.

Why Trade With STC Trade

STC Trade pay cash for unregistered STC’s supplied as STC assignments. We go the extra mile to provide our customers with a friendly prompt service with payments received within 1 business day of receipt of the STC assignment received online with SPV.

With STC Trade there are no hidden charges and fees deducted from the quoted STC price and no waiting for the STC to be registered before the price is provided.

Your STC price will be quoted on the day prior to submitting the STC Assignment to STC Trade.

STC price as advertised by STC Trade at 10:00EST is valid for the remainder of the day.

STC Trade Benefits

  • No Processing Fees
  • No Waiting For Registration of STC's
  • Payments within 1 Business Day

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